A new experiment

Following the launch of Siyavula’s “FullMarks” programme (which I helped with), and seeing how FullMarks tries to integrate in a holistic way with a few other applications, it struck me that my school has no-one attempting to integrate the various IT things going on in the school. We have our network administrator and a CAT teacher, and then a few odd bods (like me) who are keen to introduce new stuff.

So I went to the principal and proposed that he create a post for this, which he duly did. I applied, and was appointed.

This blog will hopefully document my progress through the year and beyond as I navigate this journey. My responsibilities are:

  • to look at the use of IT and educational technology (EdTech) in the school
  • to research the EdTech that is currently available to use
  • assess what will work in our context
  • formulate a policy for the implementation of EdTech at the school over the next 3-5 years
  • prepare a budget for the implementation of EdTech
  • implement the various applications that we decide to use in an integrated way
  • train teachers in the use of EdTech (which could be as simple as teaching them how to use Excel or PPT)

I’m hoping to try and use this information as part of my master’s degree as well, in the use of IT in schools, or to enter the Innovative Teachers’ Forum competition, but first I need to find my feet!


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