Meeting the experts

My other half is also an IT type. He’s given me some contacts in schools around us who are doing something similar to my post. So far, I’ve been to meet two of them. It’s been fabulous meeting others and talking with them about more than just the nitty gritty, but about their vision and dreams and hopes and aspirations.

Of course, the nitty gritty stuff has been interesting too. I’ve already been exposed to a few nice little applications that I might otherwise have missed. Of course, I can already feel myself falling into the trap of wanting to implement them all, right here and now. I have to avoid that if I’m going to step back and try to see the bigger picture and look at this stuff holistically! I can see that that’s going to be tough. I like playing with new toys, and can’t wait to try these things out to see how they work and whether they will work in our context.

I have come away from both meetings feeling overwhelmed with ideas of things to try, but so thrilled and enthused and convinced that I am on the right track. (I even got a half-joking job offer from one of the schools!)

I’ve also made contact with some folks in the USA who have recommended stuff for me to read, which I’m keen to do. Of course, now I need to find some time to do the reading and get to grips with all that is out there.

Hmm…. time. Yes. That stuff I have so precious little of. EEEEK! Just seen the time now. Am already late for my next meeting.


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