New joys, new frustrations

With any job there comes a measure of joy and a measure of frustration. With teaching, I love the actual teaching. I hate the admin work that goes with it. With this new post, I’m loving being able to spend time helping my colleagues, and doing research, and thinking. However, I’m finding it frustrating to find the balance between my teaching responsibilities, and my EdTech responsibilities. I’m also finding it particularly difficult not having my own space anywhere.

While I always teach in my lab, when I’m not teaching, it’s being used by the wanderers. It’s great for them to be able to use it, because then they are almost always teaching in one venue, which, as any teacher will tell you, makes a huge difference to your teaching. For me though, the frustration is that the only other place I can work in is the staff workroom. This is a great space, but means that I can’t shut the door on others while I get on with my thinking or research work.

I love that people are asking me questions. I love being more available to help them. I don’t want that to change. However, I do need to find somewhere in the building where I can work undisturbed to be able to get the bigger pieces of EdTech work done. I simply have to.


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