EdTechConf Extended @ Elkanah

What a blue the two days passed by in! As with last time, there was too much info to take in. The first day was fine, but by day 2 my brain was in overload mode, and I found it really hard to be an active listener, even though I was taking notes. Actually, taking notes really helped me to concentrate.

At a work level I came away with 2 things I really want to try (I’m not going to be an Ambitious Alice!) – using Diigo properly (as opposed to the half-hearted effort after the last EdTechConf), and playing with Edmodo/ Obami/ Google Apps for Education, to make a decision about a way forward for our school. Our teachers are keen to have subject websites, so I think this is something we really need to look at.

Oh – wait, there’s a 3rd thing – I want to investigate interactive projectors. Depending on how well they work, we can rather spend our limited cash on them, than on IWB’s.

Other highlights for me included having one of my BFFs at the conference (totally unexpected!) and meeting several people I’ve only known in cyberspace. As usual, having my DH at the conference with me was a real highlight. I ADORE the fact that we are interested in (some of) the same things, and that I have someone like-minded and easily accessible with whom to bounce around ideas long after the conference has ended.

On a personal level,  I came away with only one thing I want to try – I’m going to look seriously at the MS Innovative Teachers Competition. I’m sure there’s a way that I can turn what I’m already doing into a project that could be submitted. If so, I think I would gain tremendous satisfaction from entering.


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