A very clever bird catches fish using bait

I don’t know where this video came from originally, so can’t give proper credit. I received it from someone via email. I have tried a variety of formats, but can’t get it to upload, and for ethical reasons don’t want to upload it to YouTube. (It’s already there though I’m not sure whether the person who uploaded it is the original author or not…. http://youtu.be/q-L2hzZqFGs.) The video shows a bird standing by the side of a pond with a bit of what looks like fish (but might be bread) in its mouth. It repeatedly drops the fish into the water, and then picks it up again, to lure a larger fish to the edge. Eventually, a large enough fish draws near to eat the tasty morsel on offer, and is quickly grabbed by the bird, who then walks up onto the bank to eat its meal.

In the midst of the recent spate of news about clever animals who ‘talk’, I think this shows that our current definition of having a culture (and thus, by implication [although I personally dispute this], being more intelligent) as the ability to use tools may be somewhat lacking.

As a Christian, and a Biology teacher, I’m often asked how I can ‘believe in’ evolution and still maintain my faith. It’s quite simple for me, really. When I look at this kind of evidence (watch the video) what I see is a species that is learning and growing, which is exactly what God intended for all species. Nowhere in the Bible is it implied that the creation was ever intended to remain static. In fact, the apocalyptic writings of The Revelation seem to indicate that the new heaven and earth will be a place where we (all of creation, not just humans!) will continue to learn, grow and develop. But I digress slightly.

This learning and growing is (rather simplistically, I will admit) what scientists term evolution. What people of faith (and not just Christians) term as God’s hand in creation is the fact that this species is fulfilling God’s purpose for it – to grow and develop and become all that God intended for it to be.

I stand in awe of a great God who makes creatures that are able to learn, grow, develop and adapt to a changing world!

The outcome, for me, of seeing this kind of video is that it reinforces my belief that humans have no greater right than any other species to make use of the resources this planet, and indeed, this universe, offer us. We are just one part of it, not the sum total of it. Because we have a greater ability to reason, we also have a greater responsibility to steward it well.

Of those to whom much is given, much is required.


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